A Funeral
for a Child

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The Delicate Responsibility of Arranging a Funeral for a Child

Plan a Funeral Service that Shows Your Love

Arranging a funeral for a child usually involves more tenderness than arranging a funeral for an adult. Whether you're planning a memorial service for a child who died at birth or one you had more time to bond with, you'll want to make the service as beautiful and comforting as possible.

Decide on a Burial Type and Location

Deciding on a burial type and location is one of the most difficult tasks you'll face when planning a child's funeral. Some cemeteries have sections specifically dedicated to children. You may also decide to have your child placed next to a relative or near your own purchased grave plot. A funeral director can help you decide on the appropriate burial location for your child.

Find the Perfect Memorial Headstone

Burying a child is a tender experience, and if you're like most parents, you want a headstone that's perfect for your loved one. You can purchase headstones through a cemetery, but a headstone for grave sites can also be purchased online, where you're more likely to find a wider range of options. You'll also have more opportunities to customize your child's headstone online.

Plan a Funeral Service That's Meaningful for Everyone

Many parents love to incorporate a lot of music into their child’s funeral. Choose musical selections that your child loved to hear and try to involve friends and family in the funeral services as much as possible. Siblings of the deceased child should also be involved to the best of their abilities. If they're too young to speak, invite them to draw pictures to go on or in the coffin.

A Child's Funeral Is a Memorial of His or Her Life

Fine Tune All the Details That Cherishes Your Child

With a little forethought and planning, you can create a beautiful funeral worthy of your child. Don't forget little details like flower arrangements, funeral photography, obtaining a death certificate, and arranging transportation to the funeral site. You may choose to arrange a traditional hearse or transport your child's casket in a different specially prepared vehicle. After the funeral, give yourself and your family time to heal before returning to regular activities.

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